Profit from trade in China


Selma China Oy is a robust expert in the field of industry and has more than a decade of experience in trading in China. Selma China always works in close cooperation with its Finnish clients and is constantly in contact with the Chinese manufacturers. When you choose Selma China to carry out your projects, you receive a comprehensive service, which includes the expertise of a consultant and everything you need to execute the project.

Since we operate on site in China, we participate in all of our partners’ projects from beginning to end, and we can introduce your company to the best known suppliers, which have excellent knowledge of the best experts and what the different regions have to offer. Equally important is the fact that our Chinese partners are reputable in China as well.

To facilitate commerce in China, we can offer your company legal services, such as approval of international certificates, acquisition of patents and registration of trademarks as needed.

Our experience has allowed us to develop a cost-effective operations model, which has proven credible and which we use in full cooperation with our clients.

The best testimony of the quality of our operations lies with our highly respected partners, which are the best in their field and which have an excellent reputation and longstanding history. Selma China also has a partner company in Shanghai called Selma China Ltd, which offers partners the types of services that only local Chinese companies can produce.